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Brussels Airport (BRU)

We arrived to Rome.

To begin with, the plane from London to Rome (Alitalia) was delayed because of flight delays from Rome. We flew to Rome and with a couple hours delay.

I booked the hotel Visconti Palace, which is next to the Vatican City and booked the last transfer from Airport Rome Fiumicino (Fiumisino) to Rome city center (bus stop was a block away from my hotel). Transfer time - from 11.45 to 12.30 am, and I was counting that we had time for Bus shuttle service. Because of what happened with the flight, we arrived to Rome only at 12.20 at night. Surprisingly the airport Fiumicino did not provide the sleeves for boarding the passengers. OK.

Then we go get the luggage. We have one suitcase, one baby seat and a stroller. Suitcase were waiting for us on the belt conveyors, but the rest of our stuff was unseen. I went to the counter and asked the service. I was told that such baggage will be delivered for conveyor number 4 protected by doors. Besides me there were people there, waiting for their strollers. When the doors opened, all rushed to dismount their strollers. Of course, my stroller was not there. Another man was missing his baby stroller too.

I smiled sympathetically and we started talking. It turned out that his wife was from Rome.
He shared with me his opinion about airport Fiumisino - the worst of all the airport he has eve been. Always a delay and headache with baggage. As he shared his thoughts my husband showed me our car seat from afar - it has arrived to the flight conveyor despite assurances of customer service.
However, the stroller arrived separately. We went to the customs inspection, which was only a customs officer, who did not pay much attention to passengers.
The airport was empty, it was about 1 o'clock in the morning. All stands and shops were closed, and there was nobody around to check about the shuttle. So we went outside and joined the short line for a taxi. The vehicles were coming quickly and in less than five minutes, as it was our turn. However, while passengers were lined in front of us, there was no place to park the taxi. My husband waved the taxi driver, confirming that we're going with him. No problems, replied the taxi driver with a gesture and showed to move forward then he parked.
We got in the car, I showed him the address. He said that from Fiumicino to Rome there was a fixed price of 47 euros. And, of course, tip at my discretion.
No problem.

Be prepared for the fact that the driving in Italy is certainly crazy. The driver was driving the car on the right side of the lane and on the red light slowly crept through the stop line. So, I do not want to drive in Italy.
The second airport, which is closer to Rome - Ciampino . It is smaller, and it serves mostly domestic. You can reach it by bus, shuttle, taxi and train.

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