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Book cheapest hotel

To be honest, I put off the booking of our hotels in Italy till the last moment. There are soo may cheapest and nicest hotels on booking.com so that my head spins. But you cannot complain about the hotel abundance. In Rome, for example, you can choose from 1,500 hotels from B andB to five star luxury boutiques. Well, so we can start to look for a cheap but nice hotel.

On http://www.booking.com you select the language of your choice. I like to do it in English inspite my native is Russian, it is just easier. The website however is translated into many languages. Comments are posted in the language of the poster’s choice, mainly native. Read those comments before you book the hotel, they are vital for your choice. I explain why.

For example, two years ago we went to Brazil, and I reserve a hotel at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The price tag for the hotels is quite high in Ipanema and Leblon, cheaper in Copacabana. After some searching, I found a hotel that I liked by many parameters like location, and price, a rooftop pool and photographs. As soon as I reached the comments, I immediately unlisted it. Some tourist commented that when he wanted to swim in the pool, then he realized that pool had floating excrements. The cleanliness of the pool is essential for me, so read the comments!

So, back to the hotel reservations. In the left column, select the city, dates, number of people and if you have children, then ages of the kids. Age of children is very important because it determines whether you will be placing the child for free or you will have to pay. Click the Search button. You can manually search for dozens of the hotels, but you can also refine your search by quality, stars, amenities, services, etc. Above the search results you will see the link See on map. I always check the location of hotels. For example, I need to have the hotel close to Vatican City and I see the location of hotels on the map, which may determine my decision. Red means that my hotel is available on selected dates. Before you start making your reservation, check rating, comments (think about the history of the human .. in the pool), size of the bed.

The most important detail when you book your hotel: refundable of non refundable. The choice is purely yours and depend on your plans. If you are absolutely sure to use the hotel, choose the non refundable option and save around 10 percent or even more. I use both options, depending on the trip plans.

Book cheapest hotel

Did you choose the room? Click on the picture and see how good it isDo not book yet… Now scroll down the page. There are amenities and booking details there, see if you find all to yoru satisfaction, like Free Wifi.

Or, more importantly: check in and out time. It may be a late check in like 3 pm and won’t be good for you as your flight is early in the morning. Sometimes you can leave your luggage at the reception and have a walk in the neighborhood killing time before the room is available (being cleaned). Book cheapest hotel

For me, more important are the following option: children. I have a 4 year old daughter, and she of course stays with us in the same room. In Rome, for some reason, hotels do not let kids for free unless they are under 2 years old. And if not, then look for a room for three, and this is a different kind of money! So I booked a hotel that allowed children under 5 years for free. Now everything is in order.

WI FI free almost everywhere, so this option is of little concern to me. But luxury hotels usually charge extra for it.

And, breakfast! Well, if it is included in the room charge, it is nice and relaxing to have it in the morning, enjoying this very important meal with your family. So, check if breakfast is free.

Now click the button Book to be prompted into a window where you have to fill in your name in English and your e-mail address, then Continue. Book cheapest hotel

In the next window, you need to give your contacts, then your card, which you will use to pay. If the option is Non Refundable, then the charge will be placed on your card immediately after booking. If the option is Free cancellation, then the hotel simply saves the card details to secure your booking and charge your one night fee in case of no show. So be careful and cancel the booking before the deadline otherwise your will lose one night fee in case your plan change. After making the payment you will receive the e-mail confirmation. Have it paperless on your mobile or print it for your trip. Enjoy your vacation!

Book cheapest hotel

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