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Attractive women At all times female beauty and attractiveness been a topic for discussion , but every era has its own criteria for woman’s attractiveness .  So what was fashionable yesterday may be considered unattractive today.  Most modern men dislike last century’s beauties.


Men have many opinions regarding woman’s attractiveness.  After all, how often you can find a woman with regular features and proportional figure, but with all of this she still can be unattractive.  But often small, plump, freckled faced women drive the attention of man by its simple attractiveness.


What is it the female attractiveness?

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How to get men interestedThis material was written by a girl - valuable giuideline to mans' heart.

I tought it would be helpful for men to know how they might get hoooked and be ready. But interesting conversation won't hurt anyone.

 It so happens that you really like the man. But what if you do not look that pretty you’re your figure failed – not your best feature. If so, you have a chance to win a man with your intelligence and attention.

Start with a question. And the question must be to draw his attention to you right away. What an interesting question you can and

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Russian girls search: You do not have to pay for everything

What I have recently learnt from one of the leading dating websites. Shocking discovery and disadvantage to western soul mate seeker.
 Just browsing through some pages, looking at western faces I encounter… the husband of my Ukrainian friend living in UK. I am shocked. 
Double booking? Is he still looking for eastern adventure? Eager to cheat of his young wife?

I keep my mouth shut… I do not want to disturb the family so called peace, I bear the awful secret deep inside with my best intentions.

But then the right moment arises. In the conversation of family, husbands and relationship the

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Search for Russian love

Before you register and start searching, ask yourself if:
• It is your genuine intention to find love
• You can spend some of your precious time for communication

If both are yes – please, you are welcome to join the love network.

What thrill here is the loads of opportunities to find your soul mate. As you register you have an access to secret garden full of interesting women. You just have to search and select. All of them have the same intention as you are: get away from loneliness and become a couple.

Is not that exciting?

You feel the

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Internet dating scammers: how to protect yourself…Do not be surprised… Scams and online crime is a problem in Russia too.

First of all I say there is a lot of honest girls out there. But we can not eliminate the chance of your being attacked by typical scammer aiming to your bank account or just a little cash.

I will tell you a little story which was shared by a man, victim of Ukrainian scammer. The middle aged New Yorker met this girl online and talk to her for a while. Skype was not popular back then and I believe they did not even talked on

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Russian girlsIt is not that easy as on Facebook because it is not casual poking of friends or liking some comments. It is your online face, representing yourself as you are in real life.

First of all, make sure you put as much information in your profile as you can, or consider reasonable. The better you describe yourself, the more chances you are contacted by interested party. For example, if you like dogs and have one, please do not hesitate to put it in your profile as dog female lover definitely would prefer you to another, assuming you carry the rest

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Russian lady Believe it or not online chemistry is possible. Against all odds, the chance of falling in love over online communication exists. Or, maybe not love but something special to rise from conversations and talks.

What we are looking here, in online matchmaking is distinctive figure to satisfy our basic expectations. Then funneling begins… Just like employer looks for employees and find the most suitable, we are looking for partner according to our needs and wishes.

You should realize, once the potential bride is selected, the part of the job is done. Now you need to ask a lot of questions

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Can Russian girls make good wives?

Good question…

I am not gonna ask spouses of Russian women to build an opinion, but rather make my own.

I am personally acquainted with several couples (at least 15 from the top of my head) in mixed Russian +  marriage.  Out of this number only one couple divorces after 6 years of marriage. The divorce has been initiated by America husband, not Russian wife. The reason for divorce: they did not live together because both worked in different geographical locations, so the family as we understand it did not exist. The separation was

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natasha After divorce or just a break up, what kind of thought you have in your mind? Go get drunk, buy a new car, change a job and residence? All good options and you might want to do that… But it does not solve the problem of being alone.

Staying the lonely wolf does not become anybody as a human is an object of community. Being in relationship is second most important need of a human, right after food, sleep or need to pee, I beg your pardon for my French.

Many busy people nowadays find internet easy and

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Is that real to find soul mate in Russia or other former Soviet Union country?

It is really possible. All you need is register and start searching according to you criteria. When you select, start express your interest by liking and sending messages. Build your communication with girls, and by socializing you will find the ONE.  

Is this service free of charge?

Yes, at least now. There is no guarantee there will not be fee in the future but not now. Enjoy the service! We are constantly growing and expanding our database.

Will this web site really find my soul

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