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Attractive women   At all times female beauty and attractiveness been a topic for discussion , but every era has its own criteria for woman’s attractiveness .  So what was fashionable yesterday may be considered unattractive today.  Most modern men dislike last century’s beauties.


Men have many opinions regarding woman’s attractiveness.  After all, how often you can find a woman with regular features and proportional figure, but with all of this she still can be unattractive.  But often small, plump, freckled faced women drive the attention of man by its simple attractiveness.


What is it the female attractiveness?  And what is something special that  and only you have but no one else . Usually attractiveness is a set of of certain qualities, such as being well groomed, neat, interesting  and confident person.   Every woman has her uniqueness and it is important for her to  determine what it is and use in in relationship with partner.  

It is often difficult to determine what exactly of attractiveness of yours,  but maybe closer attention to what others notice and emphasize about you will help to understand your attractive features.

But, even after recognizing  feminine appeal, we often become hostages of public opinion and stereotypes that often do not correspond to reality. Each of us needs to know about what woman men think is attractive even if traditional stereotypes suggests otherwise. WE go from opposite to learn what not to be in order to attract man and become attractive woman.

Unattractive women

Unattractive woman as  a business lady or business woman in a solid office suit which usually makes her  not as attractive. Every man wants affection and warmth, rather than commanding figure.  Also a man does not like of a woman males more than he does and he may become dependant of such woman financially.  Certainly a business woman with the whole career often sacrifices her attractiveness even simply because she does not have enough time for being attractive.  The requirements for partner are usually are unreachably high. It may happen that instead of caring and loving men business lady  are at risk of becoming the victim of gigolo who will pray of her desire to be loved in exchange to financial support.

Another type of unattractive woman is a bitch.  Usually bitch manages to capture a man but the relationship does not last long.  The reason of quick break up  - man can not  tolerate constant claims, demand and the whims of a woman .  Attractive featured of bitch type:  inaccessibility, independence, satisfaction of her own pleasures and desires, beautiful  appearance.  Some features can not borrowed from bitch character – like good appearance but please do not turn yourself in cold bitchy creature  but make your other side beautiful, warm and caring.

The last type of unattractive woman is housewife. She does  nothing all day that washes, cleans , cooks, carries bags of store products , in general, creates comfort . Of course, every man likes order and comfort in the house, but not everyone would like to spend his days with the maid. A woman eventually dissolves in her chores, that she ceases to be of interest to a men, and therefore attractive.  It is a call not to abandon all chores but make room for yourself and your own interests.  


Components of female attractiveness is well-groomed appearance:  fashion, face and hair, nails, skin, etc.

Mainly:  trust in your woman’s attractiveness.  Your confidence will make everybody believe you are an attractive woman.

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