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74076692Panama City is a modern Latin American city that is located in the same named country. I placed this article to South America category, although Panama is located in Central America (I'm afraid there will be no enough material for the separate category. Except for Panama, I have been to Costa Rica, which we will discuss later).

And now I tell you what you can do and see in Panama City.

1. Take tour around the city by double-decker tour bus. This can be ordered everywhere - from the agency to the reception service of your hotel. You will be taken

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Exotic Peruvian cuisineThere are several high class restaurants in Lima where you can enjoy the taste of this exotic Peruvian cuisine with a touch of creativity by famous chefs.

 You won’t regret if you dine in the restaurant "Astrid y Gaston". Gaston Acurio is famous throughout Peru and Latin America chef, known for its creative approach to the national cuisine. Dinner in this restaurant may cost $ 100 for two, at least, but you will enjoy every bite.  Restaurant is located one block from Parque Kennedy at 175 Calle Cantuarias.

Another exotic Peruvian cuisine restaurant: La Rosa Nautica at Espigón 4 Circuito

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What to see in Cusco PeruCusco is a small city with a population of several thousand people, but that warm and welcoming that you feel at home here. Just take a walk: small narrow streets, tiny markets, shops attract your attention. The hotel can offers you to try Coca tea or other drinks for free. If there is a lack of oxygen, then each hotel has an oxygen mask - I personally saw "pumped" elderly tourist being taken care of.

Look for the street vendors of local souvenirs, Lama rugs (I bought my gorgous round one just for $ 50). I strongly advise this purchase - this

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hivHIV and AIDS stories usualy do not sheer up.

In Nigeria, for example, (a country with a population of 300 ml of people) the AIDS and HIV prevention culture is so low, that virus speads in geometric progression. People believed, and probably still believe that the only way to get rid of the infection - it is to sleep with a virgin. No need to say that such contacts not only eliminate virus, but significantly increase the chances to get infected for the first timer. Especially, if first contact is violent.

Simply put, young girls are raped, and, besides the illegal

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