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What to see in Cusco PeruCusco is a small city with a population of several thousand people, but that warm and welcoming that you feel at home here. Just take a walk: small narrow streets, tiny markets, shops attract your attention. The hotel can offers you to try Coca tea or other drinks for free. If there is a lack of oxygen, then each hotel has an oxygen mask - I personally saw "pumped" elderly tourist being taken care of.

Look for the street vendors of local souvenirs, Lama rugs (I bought my gorgous round one just for $ 50). I strongly advise this purchase - this fluffy treasure can be placed on the floor or sofa, and it will warm you in cold evening.  You can buy clay products (for example, the Peruvian model home) or figurines. I also really like the engraved plates with various Peruvian motifs (they made of copper and there are two kinds of oxidized copper - greenish and reddish – both look simply fabulous).

Start with the Plaza de Armas and La Cathedral. Have a drink in a coffee shop on the ground floor to the left of the cathedral, and then try alpaca steak at Inka Grill.

If you dare, please go and try the local festive dish - Cui, the guinea pig. 

Delicacy for Peruvians and pet for us, guinea pig has tender meat which tastes like chicken. When I was served the desired guinea pig on a platter, it disgustsly demonstrated its protruding front teeth. Peruvians grow these guinea pigs in their homes for sale; they rarely indulge themselves to eat it, because it is expensive for them.

After you finish observing Cusco surrounding please go look at the Sacred Valley, which is hosts Cusco in its welcoming valley. Small settlements: PISAQ, URUBAMBA, OLLANTAYTAMBO, CHINCHERO, well known for ruins, churches, small restaurants where you can eat cheap and tasty.

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