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74076692Panama City is a modern Latin American city that is located in the same named country. I placed this article to South America category, although Panama is located in Central America (I'm afraid there will be no enough material for the separate category. Except for Panama, I have been to Costa Rica, which we will discuss later).

And now I tell you what you can do and see in Panama City.

1. Take tour around the city by double-decker tour bus. This can be ordered everywhere - from the agency to the reception service of your hotel. You will be taken to the ruins of the old town, as well as modern buildings of Panama City.

2. It is absolutely necessary to visit the Panama Canal. You can admire the passing ships from Miraflores locks and explore the Panama Canal Museum, located in this pass. You can dine in the locks restaurant overlooking the passing in narrow passages.

3. Casco Viejo, the historic center of Panama City and is protected by UNESCO.

The colonial sector of the city was built in 1671. In the last decade the sector has experienced a revival:  a beautifully restored building with restaurants and shops coexist with intact buildings built back in centuries. Casco Viejo is located in such a way that from this point you can watch the Panama City in all its glory and enjoy its skyscrapers.

Casco Viejo was the filming site of one of the episodes for James Bond films.

Among attractions one can distinguish the 17th century church, the elegant building built in the Spanish and French styles of the 16th century dungeon, a monument to 22 thousand French who died during the construction of the Panama Canal, souvenir shops, restaurants, nightclubs.

4. Nightlife.

When the sun is set and the horizon is adorned with sticking mastheads, Panama City is releasing all its nighty power: casino, nightclubs and restaurants. Hot Latin dances and exotic cocktails. Uruguay Street daytime is packed with turbulent business activity, at night this street turns into a place with a lot of restaurants and bars with DJs, who conquering capricious Miami public.

Night Complex Zona Viva in Amador, Li Bar in SanFrancisco, Rana Dorado, a small brewery in El Cangrejo - all located in the city center and will give you great pleasure from visiting.

5. Amador Causeway - an artificial mound of 4 islands, made of stone developed during Panama Canal construction. Now this place is the tourist point and gathering place for Panamanian bohemia. Amador Causeway has stunning views of the skyscrapers of Panama and the Panama Canal.

Place abounds hiking and biking trails (bicycles can be rented for $ 5-10 per hour), shops, restaurants for every taste and budget, there is a yacht club and a cruise port.

TGIF restaurant in the Country Inn and Suites can offer dining with the view of the passing ships in the Panama Canal. Views of the Bridge of the Americas that once was the only way that connected North and South America will touch you.

6. Panama Citi is among the ten best culinary Latin American cities.

The best and most popular restaurants are located in the downtown, CascoViejo or the Amador Causeway.

Try the local ceviche (ceviche), carimanolas, arroz con pollo, sancocho soup, hojadras. Pay tribute to the Panamanian national cuisine, and seafood that Panama City is very popular for.

7. If you want to push your luck, you can visit casinos. About 7 million dollars is played in Panama City every day.

Most casinos are located in hotels Sheraton, The Marriott, in the El Panama Hotel. My friends were playing in Panamanian casinos, and I'm not a avid player to lose my hard-earned dollars.

8. Tropical Park is located on the territory of Panama City. Ancon Hill offers breathtaking views of Panama, Casco Viejo and the Panama Canal.

You will take about 2 hours to get to it; avoid the midday heat and quick tropical downpours, therefore it is better to do hiking and biking in the morning.

9. Golf attracts its fans from around the world. You can play in the Summit Radisson Resort, a tropical golf course.

10. National souvenirs are a different story, but I'll tell you about it briefly to.

Strolling through the city you will notice local women selling handicrafts. It can be bags, pillowcases, etc. made by women in Kuna tribe, one of the six Indian tribes living in the territory of Panama.

I was surprised when I heard what they call their "similar" to the US currency - balboa. Price in Balboa and dollars is the same, because it is one and the same currency. Thus, Panama's currency is borrowed from the US  Americans.

In Panama City you can walk, but you can move around by bus or taxi. Coaches, which are called Red Devils, circulate around the city and the fee is $ 28 per day. You can mount it on a special stop and go whereever you please.

11. The ruins of the old Panama City is a must see. It was founded in 1519 by the Spaniards who landed onto Panama Beach. Once he was famous with Inca culture and the population of 10,000 people, but after the raid of the English pirate Henry Morgan in 1671 the city was completely ruined.

Panamanians speak Spanish, of course guides speak English. If you are going to use local taxis, knowledge of of Spanish numbers will be beneficial to know the price and argue.


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