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Brussels: Belgian attractions If you have several hours in Brussels you can cover what I have managed to walk. We did not see any museums as we had only one day at Brussels and it fell on Sunday, when the museums may be closed, so you should take it into account when selecting the day of the week. City Hall is closed too. 8)

If you do not have Brussels map with you, then buy it in the gift shop - it is only 2.99 euros. The Brussels things to see are already marked on the tourist’s map. This will help you to quickly

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Book cheapest hotel

To be honest, I put off the booking of our hotels in Italy till the last moment. There are soo may cheapest and nicest hotels on booking.com so that my head spins. But you cannot complain about the hotel abundance. In Rome, for example, you can choose from 1,500 hotels from B andB to five star luxury boutiques. Well, so we can start to look for a cheap but nice hotel.

On http://www.booking.com you select the language of your choice. I like to do it in English inspite my native is Russian, it is just easier. The website however is

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Bruges, Belgium Countless people on the street,

Churches, cafes, horses ......

In 2000 the historic center of Bruges has been recognized by UNESCO as a center of global historic importance.

Bruges bridge lined with cobblestones and preserve the historical appearance of the city.

The most important thing in Bruges - the canals. No wonder that Bruges is called the Venice of Belgium, it's true - it is all the canals. The similarity with Venice and the famous gondolas is given and river buses that dart between the old mansions in narrow loopholes under houses always astonish. Tourists fill the boat completely, sometimes in two

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Brussels Airport (BRU)

We arrived to Rome.

To begin with, the plane from London to Rome (Alitalia) was delayed because of flight delays from Rome. We flew to Rome and with a couple hours delay.

I booked the hotel Visconti Palace, which is next to the Vatican City and booked the last transfer from Airport Rome Fiumicino (Fiumisino) to Rome city center (bus stop was a block away from my hotel). Transfer time - from 11.45 to 12.30 am, and I was counting that we had time for Bus shuttle service. Because of what happened with the flight, we arrived to Rome only at

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A trip Eurostar train (Eurostar): the route London-Paris-London As the holder of a French Schengen, I have decided to make a quick trip to Paris to explore the city. What is the cheapest travel option? Of course the train (well, by car it is cheaper if it is a planned trip for 2 people or more.) If you are by yourself then train is a cool option, especially since you can get an amazing experience travel on high-speed trains, and capture the underwater travel spirit. It is a little creepy thinking about it layers of water and soil above your head. But the beauty of traveling by train

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Brussels Airport (BRU) When you book tickets to Brussels Airport, such as online booking, choose the abbreviation BRU.
The official website Brussels Airport http://www.brusselsairport.be . Almost all useful information is on this website. There you can find the map of Brussels Airport.

Brussels airport has luggage storage, which is very unusual for foreign airports (my opinion). In the general area they are at 0. Cost: & nbsp; € 7.50 per day. & nbsp; In the transit area of Pier A has a luggage storage & nbsp; on the first and second level. Cost: € 1 for 30 minutes, € 2 for 1 hour,

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