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Bruges, Belgium Countless people on the street,

Churches, cafes, horses ......

In 2000 the historic center of Bruges has been recognized by UNESCO as a center of global historic importance.

Bruges bridge lined with cobblestones and preserve the historical appearance of the city.

The most important thing in Bruges - the canals. No wonder that Bruges is called the Venice of Belgium, it's true - it is all the canals. The similarity with Venice and the famous gondolas is given and river buses that dart between the old mansions in narrow loopholes under houses always astonish. Tourists fill the boat completely, sometimes in two rows of seats, and, huddled together, staring at the sides and listen to the gondolier. Indispensable attribute of water safety is a lifeline, sometimes two, which is still not enough for 15 people. Do not even know how deep these canals are. Probably not very deep.

On Saturday, March 16 it was a awfully windy, which discourage people from wanting to be on the street, let alone contemplate the surrounding area and attractions. I had no desire to be outside. However, on that evening we booked a table at one of the Belgian restaurants and I promised myself that dinner will have to be paid for by exploring the city. I wrapped my head with a scarf that warmed me a big deal in such wind and we took off. It was so cold to pull your hands out of my jacket pocket and take a picture but we ended up with some good photo material thanks to my hubby.

First, we examined the Church of Our Lady, the famous Gothic cathedral of Bruges, which is right next to our hotel. Like many Catholic churches, this impressed us a lot by the size and architecture.

Then we walked down by the street Katelijnestraat, skillfully dodging carriages pulled by horses (another tourist feature of Bruges – horse driven carriage tours ). We stumbled upon another tea room and then the chill did not let me go any further, I wanted a hot cappuccino so badly. The cafe was full of people, who required a break from sightseeing, cold and needed a warm up. We ordered hot drinks and cakes, which I chose from the glass counter: coffee flaky pastry and chocolate mousse. Both were very tasty, but very sweet.

After the cafe, we walked to the Lake of Love. Nothing special about this but swans, ducks, and wind ripples on the surface. We went back to the street and walked back by Katelijnestraat street to the hotel. After a short break, we conquered the vastness of Bruges which lies towards Markt, Stadhuis, Burg. Markt and Burg - ancient cobbled square with museums and chocolate shops and Belguim authentic lace stops.

Then, on one of the eastbound streets we got to the canal which circles the town and inspected a few windmills, which have been closed to tourists, but still can be observed from outside.

Then we returned to the hotel, because my feet were killing me. 8) For dinner we booked a table at De Koetse on Nieuwstraat. Authentic Belgian restaurant with delicious cuisine, original interior and low prices. Make sure you try fresh local beer Brugge Zot, which is supplied in labeled jars.

As a compliment from the chef we were served a fragrant tiny shrimp on a small saucer. We also ordered a hot appetizer - shrimp in garlic butter - very tasty and inventive.

For the main course (by the waiter’s recommendation as Belgian original recipe), we took the eel in green sauce of spinach and fried cod with fragrant sauce.

My eel (29 euros) did not satisfied my taste buds but cod (30 euros) was great, fried to perfection and served on a plate with a sweet sauce. We licked the plate clean.

There was no room for dessert and the dessert menu did not impress us at all. So, the dinner was finished.

Wandering through the streets of Bruges, I noticed several restaurants with Russian menu. As in Italy, local entrepreneurs are trying to reach to this target audience, not always fluent in English and set up their menus in Russian. Very resourceful

So, Attractions in Bruges, which you have to look at (list in English and Dutch):

Basilica of the Holy Blood (Heilige Bloed Basiliek). in the Basilica of stored Christ’s blood.

Bruges Market (Markt). Bruges Market Square with restaurants and shops to serve tourists. The restaurants have menus in several languages and are usually three-course meal is already being served at a fixed price. To dine in a decent restaurant with native Belgian cuisine, ask for recommendations at your hotel as we did.

Burg. Official Bruges area, here is the Stadhuis - Sity Hall.

Church of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk). The church is famous for its height of 122 meters and a statue of Michelangelo, who left Italy while the artist was still alive.

Hospital of Saint John (Memling in Sint-Jan Hospitaal museum). The hospital, built in the 12th century. In the 15th century the artist Hans Memling moved to Bruges and became famous. His work Mystic Marriage of St Catherine and the St John Altar piece exhibited in this building.


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