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Lost City

Recent photos make startling discoveries: lost so-called English "Atlantis" was a big city which competes by size with City of London - one of the biggest areas of modern London.

The medieval Dunwich was of strategic importance for the port of ancient England, but by severe storms in the XIII century the city was literally washed away in a sea of mud and covered the river Dunwich, thereby closing the bay. By XV century Dunwich port lost its importance and for centuries the city was abandoned. Shoreline sea erosion helped capture the ruins of a prisoner.

Dunwich Ruins are located

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 tunnel under English ChannelTunnel under English Channel is quite an interesting piece of engineering that connects England and France under the English Channel waters.

It was built relatively recently and launched only in 1994. It serves as a tunnel for the transport of passengers and goods by special trains.

Tunnel operates trains from London to major European cities such as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam. This includes high-speed Eurostar trains, which I have already written about. More about how to book a trip to the Eurostar train.

So, the length of this tunnel - 50 kilometers and an average depth is about 60-70 meters (the depth

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 what and where Stonehenge What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge - a monument of ancient Druidic culture, dating back several centuries. Stones since shifted a bit, and some even fell onto the ground, but still a pile of rubble, this attracts millions of tourists from around the world for many decades.

The monument is under the supervision of English Heritage, the British organization for the protection of cultural monuments. If you become a member of this community, it is possible viewing culture values of England for free during the term of membership. For example, we purchased a membership and for the whole family, and it cost us

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 Best London restaurantIn London, as in Moscow, many restaurants, and all you can eat for every taste and budget, from cheap to 5 star level.

Yesterday, for example, advised by my Russian friend, I visited the best russian restaurant in London Mari Vanna at: 116 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PJ. Say I got a kick, was not enough. Stepping on the threshold of this restaurant, I felt the whole atmosphere of the communal apartment of 60-70s. Tightness in the hallway and bikes hanging on the ceiling. I do not know how foreigners or rather Londoners react to such a climate, but I felt

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 London Underground I want to tell a good story about the work of the London Underground.

I was traveling with his daughter from Notting Hill to Sloan Squire. I jumped into the Circle Line train, thinking how lucky I was to catch it with open doors. I even sat on the seat and prepared for the trip, when the woman sitting next to me whispered, " We 're not going anywhere yet because of this girl". Looking back, I saw that on the opposite seats there was lying a sozzled lady. She was reclined in the seat, with bared belly, unsightly exposing

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 Best in London for three days Yes, the main attractions of London and its best can be visited in three days. This tourist plan was created by me and shows the best that London has to offer and what is a must to be seen.

So, the first day.
On this patch you can visit London Eye, London Aquarium (interesting especially for children), then Westminster Abbey. There is a must to be photographed near Big Ben and the Parliament. And do random photo in one of the many London red telephone booths.

First we go to the London Eye to see the whole city aerial

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 Buy cheap flights online Recently talked with my cousin: she shared her impressions of her trip to Riga. Since this was the first trip abroad for her family, she went to the agency to apply for a visa and buy tickets. Of course they paid more then if booked all travel by themselves, but as Lisa did not know where to go and what to see, the family lost some cash, which could spend on the trip and buy souvenirs or walk through restaurants. And then it hit me! For me, nothing is easier then to buy a ticket anywhere, I get to the

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 Map of London and the London TubeWhen I need to find out where I need the embassy of the country of interest, shop or house of my friends in London, I immediately look down on Google maps. Can not imagine how you could live without them before. For example, I need to know where the Russian Embassy in London (you had to order a certificate). I googled kurta and found that I need to go to Kensington.

Going along Kensington Garden Squire I realized that I was in the alley of the embassies of different countries. The Israeli embassy was surrounded by police tape ("Do not

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 London Sightseeing free one !Here 's relatives came to me from Russia, just three people, and I like welcoming hostess decided lucky them to London.

Being in the UK and not to visit London , it just does not fit in the head , which then can go ? But not cheap London attractions , such as rolled on the famous Ferris wheel London Eye - 20 pounds, as much worth the trek to London Aquarium , Madame Tussauds all 30 pounds. If I drive and 3 guests to join them most , it will sum: 20 + 20 * 4 * 4 * 4

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EasyJet Moscow London Yes, the cheapest airline tickets around Europe are with Easy Jet. I usually check several websites before making a purchase, but always make a purchase of airline tickets at EasyJet.

EasyJet started flying from Moscow to London in February this year and this event cheered many tourists with cheapest airline tickets ever.

For ticket purchases you need to log in Easy Jet.  Easy Jet flies from Moscow to Gatwick Airport in London.

EasyJet Moscow London

you the option to provide safety and orange highlighted the cheapest option.

 EasyJet Moscow London

Among weeks can fly Very cheap - for example , in June, my mom flew from

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viza in velikobritaniyu

explains how you can save a lot on getting visa to the UKbypassing intermediaries and travel agencies.

want to add that the process of filling out the questionnaire now become much easier than before.

in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Rostov functioning visa centers that accept applications and documents on tourist visa to the UK.
You need to prepare a set of documents:

  • Passport
  • 1 color photo
  • Certificate from the employer about the position, salary, regular holiday on the dates that you opt for a trip to the UK, a certificate from the school if you are studying, or certificate entrepreneur if you work for yourself. You can attach the proof of funds from a bank account, which should be based on at least 50 pounds per person per day. If there are other sources of income, it is best to specify them all: a contract for rent of the apartment, etc.
    • For married - a marriage certificate unless otherwise - that a certificate of divorce or death.
    • Invitation Letter (can be a scanned copy) in English, where indicated by the host (a friend or family member) the proof of legal residence in the UK, the degree of relationship, the conditions under which people are invited. For example, you can specify that the invitation will be provided with accommodation and meals for the whole stay. Please attach proof of financial solvency of the sponsor (bank statement, a letter from work).
    • You can make a reservation ticket or a hotel, but the consulate advised not to pay until a visa will not appear in your hands.
    • If you are a foreigner apply for a visa to Russia, you must have permission to stay in Russia.
    • Old passports confirming your visa history.
      All documents must be in English, the translation is not necessary to be notorized.

      Now go to the official website of the UK Government on the link: https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/.

       visa to the UK

      Once you have registered, go to fill in the application for a visa to the UK.

       visa to the UK

      On this page are invited to complete a questionnaire for a visa. To complete the questionnaire with you need to have a passport, trip schedule , address in the United Kingdom , where you will live . It says here that provide false information is illegal, and punishable by baiing entry to the UK for 10 years. You can also pay with freedom or pay a fine if you give false documents.

      Enter your residence country in which you live. Then choose a nationality, type of visa (work, visit, study, transit), if you choose to visit, then the graph Purpose filling out the questionnaire choose the type of visitor's visa (family visitor, general visitor, business, entertainer, special, sport, other), then choose the duration of the visa (single, double or multiple, valid for 6 months), there are more options for 1, 2, 5, 10 year.

      If you have your first visa, then you should choose the shortest in duration visa, here you are more likely to get it.

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Who wants to spend less on sightseeing in London I suggest this list of things to do in London for free  like free museums and galleries in the British capital.

British museum Free London

Founded in 1953. In the British Museum exhibits accumulated over more than two million human history. Here you will find an Egyptian mummy , and a statue of the Pantheon. The museum is visited by about 6-million people annually.

Address : British Museum, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG


 Free London Goldsmiths Hall

Goldsmiths Company received a royal privilege to work with gold back in 1327 . At Goldsmiths Hall regularly hosts exhibitions with the aim of promoting and advertising the new jewelers. Annual fair fair jewelry.

Address: Foster Lane, C2V 6BN

 Free London Hyde Park

Hyde Park - London landmark that everyone knows. On the area of 142 hectares grow 4000 trees, there is a huge lake, meadows and flower garden.

In Hyde Park is what to do: biking, catamaran, tennis, horse riding, ice skating. Hyde park has the lake two restaurants. Among the main objects of interest in Hyde Park can be noted Achilles statue, fountain of Princess Diana. On Sundays you can join the circle of speakers Speaker Corner and listen to "smart" speech.

Address : Hyde Park, W2 2UH

 Free London Kensington Palace

Park is located on an area of 100 hectares. It is a place where is Kensington Palace, Italian gardens , a statue of Peter Pan , Albert Memorial and Gallery Serpentine.

The park has a playground named after Princess Diana .

Address: London, W2 2UH

 Free London Bank of England

Museum of the Bank of England was founded in honor of the national Bank of England in 1694 .

The museum gold bars and coins as well as banknotes of several eras .

Address : Bartholomew Lane, City of London

 Free London National Gallery ( National Gallery )

National Gallery exhibits about 2,000 paintings and artifacts from the Middle Ages to the 20th century compositions . In the gallery you will see the work of Botticelli , Rembrandt , Turner , Renoir and Van Gogh .

Address : Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DN

 Free London National History Museum ( National History Museum )

Several dozen exhibits from dinosaurs to mammals. In museum has several floors of interesting exhibits , especially children will be interesting with its wonderful exposure and moving dinosaurs tyrannosaurus and who adores my daughter.

Address : Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD

 Free London Science Museum ( Museum of Science )

Science Museum - the most visited museum in Europe .

Over 15,000 exhibits , including the Apollo capsule and rocket Stevenson .

Interactive galleries and interesting for children and adults , and are familiar with the achievements of science and technology .

Address: Science Museum, Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD


That is not full list of things to do in London for free, so you can add yours by adding to the comments and I will update the article with proper credit t the contributor.

путешествия заграница иностранцы


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 England : Manchester Manchester is approximately 3 hours drive from Chatham , where we live. Known for its heavy machinery and super - popular football club Manchester United. I like it there red head player Wayne Rooney !

If you are visiting London and want to go into the city, where trains your favorite team, then I will tell you how you can get there. If you are traveling by car, you can see the route on Google maps (from London to Manchester). To get to Manchester from London need three and a half hours of time (if no traffic jams ), and highways M1 and M6 .

Pre-book your hotel (if you plan to stay in the city center). We stayed at the Premier Inn, a hotel with reasonable prices , comfortable and clean.  there is a network of hotels in UK. They have an interesting proposal, which we have never unfortunately happened to use. If you book online Premier Inn and more than 2 nights , you can pay anywhere from 29 pounds per night. The offers very attractive. Maybe you will be lucky ? Incidentally there is virtually Premier Inn near the club and the stadium where Manchester United has training.

We had to fork out for a Premier Inn in the city center, about 100 pounds per night. But the location is good , you can walk everywhere without fear of driving on unfamiliar streets .
Our goal in Manchester - see our favorite Westlife on their farewell tour. The concert was held at the Manchester Arena near Victoria Station. Walk from our hotel to Victoria in 25 minutes, you can, but we got the tram, buying a ticket there - back right at the stop for 1.5 pounds. The trip took 5 minutes. It was very convenient to go back on the tram because it was too late, long walk through the dark and scary and unfamiliar city, and taxis still be much more expensive.

In Manchester Hard Rock fans can find Café right next to a large shopping center Armdale  Center . We bought  three Hard Rock café T-shirts for £ 30 each. Near Armdale Senter can find the famous Debenham, Zara, Selfridges. And People store Primark, where you can buy clothes for children and adults .

Let men tear their throats at the stadium while the women are  shopping !


More inoformatsiya: Travels in the UK alone


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 English pub Interesting, but an English pub called (literal translation) the public house. It is a place where people can come to have a drink, eat and sleep. Pubs have been known as places that helped local or travelers rest, eat and of course drink. Nowadays English pubs have not lost their popularity and still full, especially on Fridays , and are one of the typical British attractions.

We live so close to English pub called Sherwood Oak (Sherwood Oak - obviously a fan of Robin Hood). In the pub, there are always people , and for lunch and dinner , and that surprises me the most that people come in elegant clothes and muddy robe after work. Smoke like a chimney and drink a lot of beer. Pubs serve approved menu, hearty English dishes that will satisfy any stomach. Tip: never take the steak - in pubs it is just awful. But the burger , fish and chips - is quite acceptable and tasty.

 English pub

We often take an offer of a pint of beer and a burger for almost 6 pounds (a good deal).

What are served in pubs.

Alcohol - draft beer of various brands , whiskey, gin, wine, a limited range of cocktails, house wine, soft drinks .

Eatables - fish and chips, burgers, steak pie, scampi . All this is a typical English food. Then an Indian curry with rice, grilled chicken breast with cheese, and a couple of names of hot dishes. As for Indian food - it can be called the second English cuisine as the number of immigrants from India is probably not much less than the indigenous British. At snack can always choose snacks and Indian cuisine: spicy different pies, rolls, balls, fried in oil . With simpler desserts - ice cream, profiteroles , apple pie (Bromley Apple Pie).

Your stay in England should certainly be noted by a visit to an English pub. Plunge into typical atmosphere of "public house" and be inspired by this part of English culture.

Names of English pubs.

Our neighbor's Sherwood Oak pub name is Poacher's pocket 

Trivial The Crown does not count, but it's interesting name - Prince of Wales .... The owners of pubs are is race for smarter and notable, attractive names for their creations that energetically promoting themselves.

Wow.. Many of them live in the pubs themselves with their families. Our neighbor Sherwood Oak accommodates its owners on the second floor of the premises , and the son of the owner - 6 year old boy playing with children visitors right in the backyard of a pub on their own playground.

Facts . Children should leave the pub at 9 o'clock in the evening, it's the law. Kitchen takes orders until 8:00 pm , so make your order fast otherwise you will snack on crisps. 

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