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EasyJet Moscow London Yes, the cheapest airline tickets around Europe are with Easy Jet. I usually check several websites before making a purchase, but always make a purchase of airline tickets at EasyJet.

EasyJet started flying from Moscow to London in February this year and this event cheered many tourists with cheapest airline tickets ever.

For ticket purchases you need to log in Easy Jet.  Easy Jet flies from Moscow to Gatwick Airport in London.

EasyJet Moscow London

you the option to provide safety and orange highlighted the cheapest option.

 EasyJet Moscow London

Among weeks can fly Very cheap - for example , in June, my mom flew from Moscow to London for 50 pounds one way.

Offers: In September, 40 pounds to London, and in November, a total of 20 pounds to Manchester !

 EasyJet Moscow London Airline has certainly  its drawbacks. For example, if you want to select a seat, you have pay separately 3 pounds per passenger. Also paying for baggage separately - carry on still free, but luggage will cost you 16 pounds one way.

Here the price listed on the baggage 32 pounds - round way. Ignore if you only have hand luggage

 EasyJet Moscow London

Pass the option to choose the hotel if you do not need it.

 EasyJet Moscow London

 EasyJet Moscow London

 EasyJet Moscow London

Proceed to payment with card. Confirmation of booking will be sent to the email address.

 EasyJet Moscow London

By the way, before you go you will need to visit the web site and enter the name and passport of traveling passenger. All data must exactly match the passport, otherwise you can not be admitted to the flight. Then you will be offered to print a boarding pass - with it you can already pass the gate, if you do not need to hand luggage. By the way, if you purchased the option of luggage, then please come to the airport earlier - at Gatwick it may take 40 minutes to check the bags.

If you frequently fly to Europe, I would recommend to subscribe to airline news Easy Jet and monitor offers of cheap airline tickets.

PS. By the way, the website has travel packages (Spain, Portugal, Turkey, etc.) and the prices are very attractive. I'm thinking about a trip to Turkey in October, where the trip for a week with a five-star hotel will cost from £ 170 per person

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